This blog is a side-project I started a few months ago when I started reading various D&D-related blogs. I was trying to find a blog that included recaps of sessions, character creation walkthroughs and reviews of different aspects of specific RPGs as well as RPG-ing in general. There are some great blogs out there, but I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. So I thought I’d start my own.

I’ll do these things in my blog, which will focus primarily on pen-and-paper RPGs. Some posts will re-cap adventure sessions, some will discuss interesting characters I’ve made, and others will present some of my thoughts on RPGs and how to get into them. The blog is intended for anyone interested in RPGs–I’ll have some technical discussions, and some tips for newcomers. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions on my posts, as I’d love to hear what other RPG fans think. And I’ll tweet about my posts at @owlbearsleeps.


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